NETHERLANDS' energy is palpable, as anyone who has witnessed their live shows (with the likes of Mutoid Man, Retox, and Melt-Banana) can attest to; the band puts on an absolute onslaught of a performance. Pounding drums, overwhelming synthbass, and Ellis' guitar wizardry meld into a wall of crushing noise-rock-by-way-of-prog-metal. Yet Netherlands' real magic lies in the contrasts it sets up: falsetto vocals, odd time signatures, and haunting hooks transform the raw power into weirdly delicious and dynamic songs. The overall effect is not unlike that of Swans and Dio playing simultaneously, atop an actual mountain of MDMA.

A vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, TIMO ELLIS has appeared on almost 100 albums. Since the early ‘90s, he has composed and recorded more than twenty-five solo albums under his own name and with his main band, Netherlands. Traversing the realms of rock, metal, funk, soul, and beyond, Ellis’ diverse music is unified by a few constants: impeccable songcraft, blazing technique, quirky experimentalism, and sheer intensity. Ellis’ extreme versatility has placed him in the company of musical greats of several genres – He has recorded and toured with such artists as Yoko Ono, Sean Lennon, Cibo Matto, Joan As Police Woman, and Spacehog, and has variously performed and collaborated with Mark Ronson, John Zorn, The Melvins, Ween, The Lemonheads, Money Mark, White Hills and Gibby Haynes. 

is TIMO ELLIS new solo performance project, with new audio and video coming in early 2019.